Pediatric Surgery

What to expect when your child needs surgery

We understand that having a surgical procedure can be scary and unsettling for both you and your child. At Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital, your child is in the hands of some of the most highly skilled, compassionate pediatric surgeons and their teams.


We recommend that you follow up with your surgeon's office about specific details related to your child’s surgery, as each child and procedure is different. Pediatric pre-surgical tours are available by request with one of our child life specialists. During the tour, you and your child can see Hemby Children's Hospital and learn more about what to expect on the day of the surgery. Call 704-316-2834 to schedule an inpatient pre-surgery tour.

You can download our Novant Health children's pre-procedure guide (PDF), which includes helpful information you'll need before your child's surgery, including arrival times, pre-procedure meals and documents to bring.

Inpatient surgery

You may register your child at Hemby Children's Hospital before surgery to have their vital signs checked and IV started. From there, you may accompany your child to the pre-operating area. During the surgery, you can either wait in the lobby at Hemby Children's Hospital or in the waiting area near the operating room. Our nurses will keep you informed of your child’s progress. After surgery, you can visit your child in the post-operating area and accompany them back to their room, where specially trained pediatric nurses and doctors will take excellent care of your little one during recovery.

Outpatient surgery

If your child is scheduled for an outpatient surgical procedure, you may go directly to the pre-surgical area instead of coming to Hemby Children's Hospital. Your surgeon or surgeon’s office should inform you of specifics before you arrive. For more information, please review our frequently asked questions or contact your pediatric surgeon's office.