Helping your child breathe easily is your priority and ours

When a child has problems breathing, the condition can create life-altering changes for your family. When the lungs and respiratory system are not working as they should, a child can be at risk for slower growth and development. Asthma attacks can also be a concern. In some cases, a ventilator is necessary to ensure your child gets the right amount of oxygen. At Novant Health Pediatric Pulmonology – Midtown, we know there is no such thing as a little breathing problem. We believe your child deserves high-quality care as quickly as possible so he can remain as active as other kids.

Our pediatric pulmonary care program is for newborns to teens, through age 18. Services focus on early-stage treatment and intervention to manage or control symptoms that can limit a child’s activity. We will help you and your child recognize potential triggers for respiratory problems, develop a plan to handle breathing issues should they arise and offer ongoing care for chronic breathing problems.

Our clinic is located on Queens Road near Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. We are in the Novant Health Pediatric Multi-Specialty Clinic. We are convenient to Myers Park, Elizabeth, Uptown and South Charlotte, and easily reached from Interstate 277.