Our services

Novant Health Elizabeth OB/GYN strives to offer easily accessible, remarkable prenatal care to all pregnant people, including people who need care for high-risk pregnancies. From the moment you learn you are pregnant, our providers are here to help you have as healthy a pregnancy as possible, and to address any concerns with your developing baby. Our services include:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Prenatal appointments
  • Blood and urine testing
  • Pap tests (to screen for cervical cancer)
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing (required by state law for all pregnant people)
  • Ultrasounds (to monitor growth and development of your fetus)
  • Care for high-risk pregnancies (those in which either the pregnant person or the developing fetus have special health considerations)

Should you need help adjusting to the changes pregnancy can bring to your life, we have a social worker in our clinic to help you navigate those changes. The social worker can help you access resources to quit smoking, drinking or using drugs, as well as support services available to both you and your child once your baby is born.