Get help identifying substances or foods that could harm your child

Everyone has likes and dislikes. But if your child becomes sick or has trouble breathing when he or she is exposed to a certain foods or materials, it could be an allergic reaction. Our team at Novant Health Pediatric Allergy and Immunology – Carmel can help provide answers for you and your child through allergy or lung function tests performed at our clinic. We also have experience helping children manage breathing conditions such as asthma.

Our allergy and breathing tests are painless, and some can be performed during one visit. Whether you want to check for potential food or substance allergies or need help managing a known allergy or breathing concern, we’re here to help you and your child.

We are located in a suite with other Novant Health pediatric specialty clinics on Carmel Road in Charlotte. Our clinic is minutes from Interstate 485 and Pineville-Matthews Road. If you are seeking quality allergy-related care for your child or teenager in the south Charlotte area, our team can offer you the services you need.