Telehealth gives patients quick access to care for better health outcomes.

In cases of emergency, you want to make sure your patients can get the help they need quickly. When you partner with Novant Health to offer a telehealth program, you can give patients high-quality care where and when they need it most. Facilities that become telehealth partners receive a rolling cart equipped with a video camera and a computer. This tool allows your medical teams to have a video conference with an expert at a Novant Health facility. This on-call specialist can review scans taken at your medical facility and help your teams determine next steps. Patients can also talk directly with this expert during the video conference if they have questions or want to explain their symptoms.

Our telehealth programs currently include neurology and behavioral health services. We are in the process of expanding these offerings to include other specialties. Please email our virtual care strategy team at if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a partner.