Remote Access

Access innovative technology for leading-edge medicine.

Novant Health continually invests in artificial intelligence, innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships and resources to provide digital communication tools, virtual care, telehealth and a safe and secure medical record management system. We offer remote access to physicians who have privileges at our medical facilities, providing you with a secure way to get the patient information – when and where you need it.

Contact Novant Health ITS about remote access by calling toll-free:

1-866-9-NOVANT (966-8268)

Mobile app setup

Using your mobile phone, you can download Dragon Medical One Power Mic for Mobile:

Download for iPhone Download for Android


New Hanover Regional Medical Center has a wireless network available for physicians and physician assistants to use while in the hospital.  An alternative to the NHRMC-Public Guest Network, the NHRMC-MD network will allow you to connect to the internet through your wireless device without re-accepting the Terms of Service notice posted for guests.

If you have a personal email client such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. configured on your mobile device, you will not be able to send email with that account while connected to the NHRMC-MD wireless network. This behavior is identical to the behavior while on the NHRMC-Public wireless network. In order to send personal email, you must turn off wi-fi to disconnect from the wireless network so that your mobile device will operate on available cellular signal. Outgoing email is blocked for security reasons to prevent NHRMC IP addresses from being blacklisted as an email spammer and shutting down our enterprise email application.  Webmail is not affected by this policy of blocking outgoing email since it is web-based mail access from the Internet and accesses your email account directly on the server.

Please review and sign the NHRMC Confidentiality and Security Agreement in order to access the NHRMC-MD wireless network. 

Section 20 part d of the agreement covers the use of NHRMC network and internet resources. 

Within 48 hours of signing the agreement, you will receive documentation on how to add an Apple iPhone/iPad and Android device to the new NHRMC-MD wireless network. 

If you have not received the documentation within 48 hours or are having trouble connecting to the NHRMC-MD wireless network after following the documentation, please contact the Help Desk at 910-667-7855.