Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers you need concerning how to request your medical records:

To request medical records for someone else who has given you permission, you will need to submit a HIPAA compliant patient authorization or complete the Authorization to Disclose Protected Health or Billing Information form to Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information by faxing it to 704-316-9556 or email your request to Since the request is not being made directly by the patient, but by a representative, the Patient Right of Access rules do not apply.

Even though we make every effort to respond to all requests as quickly as possible, we have up to 30 days to respond.

You can state which format you prefer your medical records to arrive, but if no preference if noted, Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information will make every effort to provide the most affordable option to you. View fee schedules for the following:

Patient requests for medical records

Third party requests for medical records

It will be based on the information requested and/or authorized. There are various components to a medical record which can be individually requested and we encourage patients and requestors to only request what is needed for their purposes. For a list of possible documents and health related information included in your medical records, please view our Medical records page.

Behavioral health medical records for patients treated in the hospital or by behavioral therapists as outpatients are considered sensitive in nature and require approval by the attending provider to release these records. The provider reserves the right to approve all, some, or none of the records. Providers may deny access to behavioral records if they feel it could endanger the patient.

If your request is denied, you will be notified in writing with an appeal form enclosed if applicable. By law, not all denials can be appealed, and if this happens you will be notified. If your request is partially denied, the records we are able to provide will be enclosed.

Reasons for reviewable denial of access to patient information:

  • 1. Releasing the information can reasonably be expected to cause substantial and identifiable harm to the patient or others.
    2. Other provisions of law prevent the release.
    3. The person making the request is not qualified by law to have access.


Reasons for Unreviewable denial of access:

  • 1. You're involved in the research that includes treatment and agreed to the denial of access when you decided to participate. Your right of access will be available when you complete the research.
    2. The behavioral records you requested include psychotherapy notes.
    3. The records you requested include information compiled for use in civil, criminal or administrative actions.
    4. Your records include information prohibited from release by the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA).
    5. Information in the records is subject to the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C Section 522a, and the denial meets the requirements of the law.
    6. The facility is under the direction of a correctional institution.
    7. The facility does not maintain the medical records.

Associated fees are determined by both the nature of your request and the format you choose for your records to be delivered. For fee schedule information please see:

Invoices for medical records are in compliance with HIPAA and state laws. We're required to notify you up front of any fees associated with your request and the invoice is this notification. With price options, you'll be able to decide which is most affordable. You may contact the Enterprise Release of Information team to discuss these options. Their contact information is in the sidebar to the right.

Payments for medical records can be submitted to:

Novant Health Release of Information
Attn: Payments
PO Box 935996
ATLANTA, GA 31193-5996

Credit card payments can be accepted by calling Customer Service at 844-763-9163.

We make every effort to release requested information within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. If you feel sufficient time has passed, please contact the Enterprise Release of Information team at 1-844-763-9163 so we can further assist you. If you paid by check or sent your payment by certified mail, FedEx, or UPS, please be prepared to provide a copy of the front and back of the cleared checked or the tracking information to our customer service team.

No, Enterprise Release of Information does not provide an on-site service for medical records. All requests will be completed and released through the delivery method requested on the authorization.

Yes, hospital medical records departments and physician clinics are able to provide information at the time of your walk-in visit:

  • Up to two (2) abstract encounters which occurred at that particular facility can be printed and released to you at the time of your walk-in (fees may apply).
  • Up to two (2) abstract encounters can be released directly to your chosen healthcare provider at the time of your walk-in (service provided at no charge).
  • Requests which span beyond two visits or are not electronically available will be forwarded to the Enterprise Release of Information team to process.

You may call or have your new physician submit a formal request for records on a copy of their letter head to the Enterprise Release of Information team and we'll forward your records to their office at no cost to you or your new physician.

You may request records for a patient under your care if you are a parent, legal guardian, or duly authorized representative. With your signed authorization request, please include a copy of a government-issued photo ID and any legal documentation giving evidence of your right to request information on the patient’s behalf.

Enterprise Release of Information recognizes valid Power of Attorney (POA) and Healthcare Power of Attorney (HPOA) documentation. However, the POA documentation must specifically allow for the POA to act on behalf of the patient in medical situations. The HPOA must submit a letter from the patient’s primary care provider confirming the patient lacks the capacity to act on their own behalf, in addition to the legal document.

Please note that a POA/HPOA is no longer valid after a patient is deceased.

Deceased patient records are still protected under HIPAA laws and require specific documentation to be submitted in addition to a signed authorization request. Please submit one of the following documents from the office of the Clerk of Court:

  • Letters of testamentary
  • Letters of administration
  • Letters of administration
  • Affidavit of next-of-kin or Affidavit of Next of Kin along with a copy of a document showing evidence the requester is next-of-kin such as a birth certificate, death certificate, or obituary
  • Application and Assignment Year’s Allowance (must state “medical records” under “personal property assigned” section)
  • Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property

Novant Health values each patient’s privacy and we occasionally need additional documentation in order to validate the requests we receive, so that we may continue to ensure the highest privacy standards are met. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please complete the Request to Exercise Privacy Rights - Amendment of Medical Record form and email form to or fax to 336-277-6858.

You have the right to request a restriction for access to your protected health information. Please complete the Request to Exercise Privacy Rights form and fax back to Enterprise Release of Information 704-316-9556. The request will be reviewed by Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information and the Novant Health Privacy Office. You will be notified of the decision to grant or deny the restriction.

MyChart allows patients to access certain parts of their personal health information. Effective December 11, 2016, patients or their personal representatives can request a copy of medical records via MyChart.

Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information offers third-party requesters the ability to access information through a secure portal, Novant Health Link. For questions, concerns, and to learn more regarding NH Link, please email

CDC offers information that will direct you in obtaining vital records for any state in the country. Below are links for the states where Novant Health has locations.


Please contact the Enterprise Release of Information Customer Service team for questions, status requests, medical record payments or invoicing questions at:


Submit all requests for protected health information to:

Fax: 704-316-9556

Novant Health Release of Information

P.O. Box 7688
Charlotte, NC 28241

Payments for medical records can be submitted to:

Novant Health Release of Information
Attn: Payments
P.O. Box 935996
Atlanta, GA 31193-5996

or by contacting customer service. We accept credit card, check or money order.