Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid Expansion

Uninsured? You may now qualify for Medicaid health coverage.

Beginning Dec. 1, 2023, NC Medicaid will cover people ages 19 through 64 with higher incomes. You may be able to get health coverage through Medicaid even if you didn’t qualify before. Medicaid pays for doctor visits, yearly checkups, emergency care, mental health and more — at little or no cost to you. 

At Novant Health, we truly care about you and your family. That’s why you should choose a Novant Health primary care physician with your Medicaid coverage. 

You’ll also like our convenient locations, same-day appointments, video and e-visits, and free online tools to manage your health. Taking care of your health is easier than ever at Novant Health.

NC Medicaid covers most health services, including:

  • primary care so you can go to a doctor for a check-up or when you are not feeling well
  • hospital services when you need to stay overnight (inpatient) or when you can go home the same day (outpatient)
  • maternity and postpartum care if you are pregnant and after giving birth
  • vision and hearing services
  • prescription drug benefits to pay for your medicines
  • behavioral health
  • preventative and wellness services
  • devices and other therapies

Most people will be able to get health care coverage through Medicaid if they meet the criteria below.

  • You live in North Carolina
  • Age 19-64
  • You are a citizen. Some non-US citizens can also get health care coverage through Medicaid.
  • And if your household income fits within the chart below:
Household Size Annual Income
Single Adults $20,120 or less
Family of 2 $27,214 or less
Family of 3 $34,307 or less
Family of 4 $41,400 or less
Family of 5 $48,493 or less
Family of 6 $55.586 or less

How to apply for Medicaid:


Computer desktop
Paper application
Location pin
In person at your local DSS Office
Call DSS Office

Additional Questions?

Novant Health patient with enrollment questions? Contact a Novant Health financial navigator at 336-718-5393.

Visit the Medicaid FAQ page.

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