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Offering practice partnerships that help you continue to grow.

Partnering with us affords you many advantages for both physician and practice operations. Novant Health is composed of more than 1,200 healthcare providers located at over 340 practice sites across the Carolinas.

Novant Health practices include primary care physicians as well as physicians in a wide range of specialties. We are proud to include physicians and practices recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for achieving high standards in diabetes and heart/stroke care and receiving Patient-Centered Medical Home designation.

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Providing support to successfully manage and grow your practice

Novant Health provides the necessary support and expertise needed to successfully operate and grow in today’s complex, competitive and ever-changing healthcare industry. A dedicated integration team assists our partners in the transition to Novant Health and provides ongoing support in many areas.

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Today's billings requirements are complex, making successful collection of patient accounts a challenging task. Novant Health provides a full in-house billing service designed to produce industry-best collection performance for services provided.

  • Claims submission - electronic & paper
  • Insurance receivable follow-up
  • Patient remainder balance collections
  • Payment posting - electronic & manual
  • Daily closing & reconciliation procedures
  • Customer service/billing questions
  • MyChart support
  • Cash management policies
  • Collection policies
  • Monthly reporting of A/R management
  • Claims error & denial reporting
  • Patient balance statements, text, and email notifications
  • Bad debt management
  • Long term interest free payment plans
  • Make appointments and payments using MyChart
  • Chat with a customer service representative
  • Refund processing
  • Credit resolution

Novant Health invested in Epic as our electronic health record (EHR) system. All of our physician clinics are active on the practice management system as well as the shared electronic health record system.

Novant Health offers the latest in information technology through both hardware and software support. Novant Health recognizes the connection between successful practices and access to advance technologies.

  • Secure wide area network/Internet/email
  • Billing system
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Remote site access
  • Desktop support
    • Hardware install
    • Software support

Novant Health has a team of physician support managers who are the personal communication link between physicians and the vast resources and new technologies Novant Health has to offer. Listening to the needs of each physician, and sharing their feedback with leaders, affords us an exceptional opportunity for positive change within our organization. Physician support managers offer valuable resources:

  • Serving as a single point of contact for physicians and their staff
  • Maintaining open and effective communication
  • Identifying and supporting the needs of physicians, managers and their staff
  • Facilitating process improvement throughout the system to help achieve the highest
    quality of care
  • Partnering with physicians and leaders to meet initiatives and goals
  • Coordinating resources within the healthcare system

Novant Health provides the necessary support and expertise needed to successfully operate in today's complex and ever-changing healthcare industry to both affiliated and independent physician practices. Novant Health offers Physician Practice Management Services (PPMS) comprising a wide variety of management and technological services.

In today's market, operating a successful physician practice while delivering first-class medical services is a challenge. Increasing regulatory requirements, decreasing insurance reimbursements, soaring malpractice costs and escalating expenses only reinforce the need for a level of support never before seen in the medical industry. Due to these increased demands, Novant Health is committed to ensuring that physicians in the Southeast are fully supported with the services and tools they need in order to provide the community with the best possible care.

Confidentiality is a priority, and physicians working with Novant Health should be assured that all interests and shared information are kept in strict confidence.

Physician practice management services:

  • Managed care
  • Personnel management
  • Legal regulatory support
  • Network development
  • Coding compliance
  • Financial management
  • Information systems
  • Malpractice
  • Practice operational assessment & support
  • Marketing
  • Group purchasing
  • Electronic medical records
  • Central billing services

Clinical resource services offers a variety of services to facilitate clinical and system integration and assist your practice in meeting standards of clinical excellence. We have a dedicated team of licensed and certified clinicians to serve as navigators to assist your practice in consistently meeting and maintaining these standards and qualifications.

  • Clinical forms, policy and procedure management
  • Continuous regulatory preparedness for all agencies including The Joint Commission, states' DHHS, OSHA, CLIA, DEA
  • Laboratory consulting and QA monitoring
  • CLIA and COLA compliance
  • Quarterly lab meetings in all markets
  • Evidence-based guidelines for NHMG practices
  • Clinical toolkits and educational materials
  • Clinic assessments, environment of care, infection prevention consulting
  • Quality and safety clinical audits
  • Clinical orientation and education
  • Clinical practice councils in all markets

Novant Health medical group offers coding compliance services to ensure that provider coding profiles accurately represent services rendered. Through chart reviews and profiling, we identify opportunities for maximum reimbursement while educating providers on how to compy with the Federal Documentation Guidelines. The following typoes of support and representation are available to clinics in the event of an audit or inquiry from a third party.

  • CPT and ICD-9 coding education
  • Medical record documentation reviews
  • Profiling and benchmarking
  • Audit support and representation
  • Appeal process assistance
  • Encounter form review
  • Regulatory updates

Novant Health's qualified accountants offer financial services that are designed to provide timely and accurate feedback to practices. Additional services are available depending upon the different needs that are unique to each practice. NH also provides incentive compensation plan administration.

  • Monthly financial statements
  • Operating & capital budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • A/R analysis
  • Accounts payable
  • Product line development
  • Compensation plan administration & modeling
  • Physicians productivity analysis
  • Pro-forma & "What if" analysis
  • Provider productivity analysis
  • Practice opportunity/turnaround analysis
  • Internal/External benchmarking MGMA
  • Access to capital

Novant Health leverages its size and negotiating power to obtain discounted purchase rates. This process is designed to improve efficiencies in the purchase, sale and utilization of all goods and services. We provide:

  • Professional sourcing managers who negotiate best pricing from manufacturers and distributors
  • Local warehousing of most frequently used items for next day delivery
  • Supply chain customer service team to assist with supply chain needs

Legal regulatory services are generally the most expensive and overlooked support service utilized in the private sector. Novant Health has competent legal and compliance professionals available to advise and guide practices in each of the following issues:

  • OSHA
  • CLIA
  • DEA
  • Internal audit
  • Risk management

The Novant Health managed care department is supported by multiple teams. We have a knowledgeable team of experts that can address all of your managed care needs. The teams are focused on the following:

Contracting, Analytics and Operations

  • Contract & CPT analysis
  • Payer metrics reporting
  • Operational issues with payers

Payer enrollment

  • Payer enrollment and recredentialing for physicians and mid-levels
  • New clinic transition and payer notification
  • W9 creation for NHmg clinics

The Novant Health marketing and public relations team is here to support your clinic to ensure it is clearly visible in the community. They manage media relations, social media strategy, Google reviews and all aspects of marketing, including copywriting, design, approvals and implementation.

They will assist with your marketing needs for your clinic and are committed to ensuring that you receive quality materials and vendor services at reasonable cost.

When you want to market your clinic, contact the Marketing and Communications Support Center. The center will help you determine next steps on how to accomplish your marketing goals and implement those plans for you so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Personnel management is positioned to help each practice operate with the appropriate level of qualified competent staff. Novant Health can provide assistance with initial staff placement, additional educational resources and the day-to-day support required to retain quality employees.

  • Personnel policies & job descriptions
  • Provider & staff recruitment
  • Orientation/basic training (educational resources)
  • Performance management
  • Temp service/float pool
  • Market wage management

Novant Health offers a wide range of expertise designed to support the daily operations of each practice. Novant Health operations directors provide ongoing support and education to each practice manager, including:

  • Utilization tracking
  • Open access scheduling
  • Appointment systems
  • Governance
  • Education
  • Other operations support services