Performance Medicine

We are sports performance experts.

 Whether you're a casual or competitive athlete, our sports performance medicine experts can help. Together, you and Novant Health specialists will focus on peak performance techniques, personalized training and recovery programs and injury prevention.

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Programs for active adults and teenagers

Are you looking to boost your exercise performance? Or maybe you just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Either way, the performance medicine specialists at Novant Health can help you achieve your goals. Our team brings a wealth of fitness experience and knowledge to the table.

If you feel like you've plateaued in the gym or aren't hitting your personal goals, work with our certified athletic trainers. They'll help you develop a customized workout program geared for stronger results and a lower risk of injury.

Training plans for serious athletes

Sports performance medicine does more than focus on recovery from an injury. It also involves developing ways to perform at your peak potential to achieve or surpass your personal goals.

Our fitness and wellness specialists work with athletes of all abilities — from high school to the professional level. We incorporate customized sport-specific training regimens, and reinjury prevention education to help you reach new performance levels.

Concussion protocol

If you've been diagnosed with a concussion, you'll need to undergo a state-mandated return-to-play concussion protocol. With a referral from your primary care provider, our certified athletic trainers will design a program to help you return to play safely.

Your trainer will supervise your progress as you steadily increase your activity levels. When they determine that you're healthy enough to play again, they'll fill out the required forms to authorize your return.

Understand Concussions and Head Injuries

Recovery compression boots

Recovery compression boots — also referred to as pneumatic compression sleeves — inflate to massage your legs and flush toxins from your body. After a strenuous workout or athletic competition, recovery boots can help limit swelling, reduce soreness and increase your flexibility.

Regular use of recovery boots can also help prevent future injuries. Consistent use can avoid issues that might occur if your body creates imbalances to adjust for pain, soreness or lack of flexibility due to previous activity.

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Sports Training Sessions

As you build a stronger mind and body, explore training classes near you. Call Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for training sessions in the Winston-Salem area at 336-893-2460. For sessions in the Charlotte area, use the MindBody link below to explore our programs and make appointments.