Athletic Event Coverage

Get remarkable care and support.

If you have an upcoming athletic event, the certified athletic trainers at Novant Health can provide sports medicine services in Charlotte and the surrounding region. See all that we offer and register for your next event.

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Why Choose Novant Health

Whether you're holding a company-sponsored or community athletic event, you want peace of mind in knowing all participants stay safe and healthy.

Our certified athletic trainers are licensed in North and South Carolina. They can provide sporting event medical services to accommodate your guests.

Novant Health athletic trainers collaborate with our orthopedic specialists and are highly skilled in diagnosing injuries or conditions, providing on-the-spot treatment and using therapeutic methods for faster recovery.

Our athletic trainers offer:

  • Pre- and post-exercise stretching routines
  • Muscle-strengthening techniques
  • Nutrition management
  • Functional movement assessments
  • Risk management and injury prevention
  • Pain therapy and rehabilitation

Novant Health has a professional staff of licensed athletic trainers ready to provide medical care at your next athletic event. Whether

you're hosting a local community event or a more advanced sports competition, we have a team of medical experts ready to help athletes at every level.

 On-site medical services include:

  • Emergency wound and injury care
  • Medical evaluations
  • First aid services
  • CPR administration
  • Applying braces, splints and wraps
Two young American Football Players looking towards the end zone

The licensed and certified athletic trainers at Novant Health are available to provide on-site medical services for all your sports-related, fundraising and community-focused events. With our professional and reliable medical team on your side, you can help your guests safely enjoy your event.   

Once you submit an Athletic Event Coverage Request form, our team will determine how many licensed athletic trainers you'll need based on your event size, participants and activity level.

Special events we cover include:

  • Fundraising walks and runs
  • Road races, half marathons and marathons
  • Adult league athletic events, such as softball, basketball or soccer
  • Youth league sporting events, including tee-ball, baseball and football
  • Track and field and cross-country meets
  • Water sports, such as boat races and swim meets
  • Outdoor community service events, including park or neighborhood cleanups and community festivals
Soccer goalkeeper trying to catch a soccer ball.

Requesting Medical Coverage

To request athletic trainers for your next community or company sporting event, please complete and submit our online Athletic Event Coverage Request form at least two weeks (14 days) before your event.

If you have a large or multi-day athletic event, you may require a team of athletic trainers to cover your medical services. In that case, please submit your request at least thirty (30) days in advance.