Community Partnerships

Reach your maximum potential.

Give your team a competitive edge by partnering with the highly trained experts at Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute. Whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, we'll help you maximize your performance and potential.

Why Choose Novant Health

Every team and athlete wants a competitive edge — to elevate performance, win more games, run faster or jump higher. Game day performance may get the most attention, but the countless hours of physical training and mental preparation separate the great teams from the good ones.

Novant Health sports medicine partners work with teams to optimize training, conditioning and nutrition for athletes. We also emphasize proper training techniques to prevent injury and provide emotional guidance and support.

Our Sports Team Partnerships Include:

  • Professional athletes
  • College sports organizations
  • High school sports teams
  • Community sports groups
Young athletic woman swimmer getting ready to swim in olympic pool.

If you head up an athletic team, you count on your athletes to deliver their best efforts. They, in turn, rely on you to provide the support, equipment and resources they need to excel.

When you form a sports partnership with Novant Health, you'll have direct access to the same level of medical and training expertise that elite athletes and professional sports teams rely on to excel.

Group of men and women holding the plank position in a studio gym.

We're proud of our community partnerships with teams and organizations that compete at every level — from high school to professional.

Some of our well-known partners in sports include:

  • The NBA's Charlotte Hornets
  • The AHL's Calder Cup Champion Charlotte Checkers
  • SwimMAC Carolina, a nonprofit providing instruction and training to thousands in the community
Two athletic women exercising outdoors giving each other a high five after completing their workout

Close up of young women doing stretching exercise with running shoes

Injury prevention

When a teammate gets injured, it affects the whole team. That's why it's important to take steps to reduce risk and prevent injuries before they occur. To prevent sports injuries, every athlete should:

  • Warm up with light cardio and low-impact exercises to increase blood flow and engage muscles.
  • Use proper equipment to protect and stabilize joints and other body parts most susceptible to injury.
  • Focus on body positioning, conditioning, flexibility and technique.
  • Stay hydrated and well-nourished.
  • Cool down after every workout or game.

Proper nutrition

Food is fuel for athletes. Eating a healthy diet with the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats directly impacts your performance and recovery. Our registered dietitians will work with you to create an individualized nutrition plan that boosts energy and endurance. You'll explore nutrition basics, how your body processes food and why a balanced diet is essential.

Sports conditioning

You and your team spend countless hours training and conditioning to build strength and endurance, increase flexibility and master proper techniques. Our highly skilled trainers and coaches bring an in-depth understanding of fitness and wellness to ensure your training time is efficient and impactful.