Inpatient Care

Personalized, compassionate care when you need it most

If you have an inpatient stay at one of our facilities, you will be treated with remarkable care. Our healthcare team goes the extra mile to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment so you can focus on recovery.

In most situations, you will receive care from either your specialist or a hospitalist physician instead of your primary care physician. The doctors and nurses in the hospital also work with a team of professionals who may be involved with your care including: social workers, case managers, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dietitians as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists. This healthcare team will report on your condition at your bedside, involving you and your family in your healthcare plans and decisions.

While you are an inpatient at a Novant Health hospital, you may be cared for by one of our units: 

Medical surgical unit

This is the most common type of hospital unit where you may spend the night in one of our hospitals. Our doctors, nurses and other clinical staff are trained to care for you while you are recovering from illness or injury or in need of additional care after a surgery.

Specialty units

Some of our hospitals have specialty medical surgical units that are focused on treating specific health conditions ranging from cancer, heart disease, behavioral health and maternity to brain and nervous system conditions.

Intensive care units

All of our hospitals have intensive care units (ICU) to provide critical care if you or a loved one is facing a life-threatening illness.