Making infusion therapy comfortable and convenient for you

At Novant Health, we make finding the right care easy and convenient for you. We offer a full range of outpatient infusion and injection therapies for patients who need treatment without hospitalization. If your care plan includes infusion or injection therapy, our highly skilled team is ready to help you in one of our convenient and comfortable infusion sites. 

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Helping you make your visit more comfortable

Feel free to bring drinks, snacks, books, tablets with earbuds or headphones, or comfort items to help pass the time during treatment. 

Help us create a supportive and safe environment for everyone by:

  • Keeping your cell phone on vibrate
  • Limiting phone conversations during treatment and keeping your voice at a low volume
  • Having only one visitor accompany you in the treatment area
  • Asking any guests who may be sick to remain in the car as many of our patients are susceptible to infections
  • Refraining from wearing perfume or cologne when coming for treatment as many of our patients are sensitive to strong fragrances 

World-Class Treatment for Pediatric Cancer Patients

We are proud to be the only St. Jude Children’s Hospital affiliate in the Carolinas. It is how we live our cause and bring world-class treatment closer to home.