Nerve Root Block

A nerve root block can reduce your pain.

A nerve block is a spinal injection used to treat pain. An anti-inflammatory medication is injected into a nerve or group of nerves. This treatment can decrease inflammation in that area. Other procedures may be used to help the doctor place the needle in the right location.

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What to expect during a nerve root block exam

Nerve blocks usually take only minutes to administer. The injection will be administered with a syringe, much like one that would be used for a routine vaccination.

You will be positioned on a table or other surface to gain access to the area that will be injected. The doctor will then identify the spot the needle needs to be placed using image guidance. He or she will clean the area with antiseptic solution, and then the needle will be inserted at a specific depth to deliver the medication as close to the problematic nerve(s) as possible.

After the injection, you will probably experience a sensation of pain relief in the area injected. You will be allowed to rest for 15 to 30 minutes to allow the medication to take effect. The nurse will also ensure that you don’t have any unexpected side effects and then you are free to leave.