Cardiac Scoring

A quick and simple test can evaluate your risk for heart disease.

Cardiac scoring is a quick and simple test that evaluates your risk for heart disease. The painless procedure takes only a few minutes. You will lie on a table while your chest is scanned by a CT exam. The scan detects dangerous calcium buildup within the walls of your coronary arteries, which could block blood flow and cause a heart attack.

Males above age 45 and females above age 55 can benefit from the information provided by a cardiac calcium score. Younger individuals might also benefit if significant heart disease risk factors are present. The high-tech scanning equipment offered at Novant Health makes these tests quick, easy and completely noninvasive.

Males ages 30 to 45 and women ages 30 to 55 would benefit from the information provided by a carotid IMT exam.

Viewing your results

We know receiving test results quickly is important to you. If you are referred by a physician for cardiac scoring, your test results are sent to that physician within 48 hours of your scan.

Prepare for Your Cardiac Scoring CT Exam