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      • Choosing a Hospital

        You don't have time to choose a hospital if you have a health emergency. But if you’re facing surgery or treatment for a particular health condition, taking time to find a hospital that meets your needs is well worth the effort.

      • How to Cut Your Hospital Bills

        Although you may not be able to avoid a hospital stay, there are ways to trim the expenses.

      • How to Evaluate Your Health Care Providers

        To make sure you’re getting high-quality care, ask yourself if your health care provider is meeting your needs in five areas.

      • How to Get Medications for Less

        Here are strategies from the Food and Drug Administration to help you cut your prescription costs by 50 percent or more.

      • How to Get Optimal Medical Care

        To get the best medical care you can, you should be an informed patient who works closely with your health care provider.

      • How to Take Part in Every Medical Decision

        Well-informed people who play a significant role in deciding how they’re going to treat their health conditions are likely to feel better about the decision process.

      • Maintaining Your Personal Health Record

        A PHR can help reduce or eliminate duplicate tests and allow you to receive faster, safer treatment and care in an emergency. It also can help you play a more active role in your health care.

      • Optimal Timing for Screenings, Appointments and Medications

        Get your timing right, and you'll whiz through waiting rooms at doctor's appointments. Your medications will work their best.