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      • Exercise Goals for Healthy Living

        You know it's important to stay active but still find yourself falling back on old habits. What can you do? Planning for exercise isn't hard if you make it a priority.

      • Five Fresh Forms of Indoor Fitness

        Cold weather doesn't have to put a chill on your fitness routine, even if the treadmill or stair-stepper seems boring compared with jogging or riding your bike outside.

      • Give Your Health a Lift

        Weight lifting is one of the fastest-growing U.S. fitness activities. And the American Heart Association recently threw its weight behind weight lifting, too.

      • How Women Can Avoid Midlife Weight Gain

        Whether you’ve already gained a few extra pounds or have yet to reach perimenopause, here are strategies to help you maintain a healthy weight in midlife and beyond.

      • Making Decisions About Fitness

        First decide how you can make exercise a priority. One idea: Put your workout on the calendar just like any other appointment.

      • Move to the Music: Dancing as Exercise

        The benefits of dancing go well beyond heart health and physical fitness. Dancing, especially group dance activities, provides opportunities for people of all ages to be socially and mentally engaged, as well.

      • Stay Fit When You Have a Health Challenge

        Working out when you have a serious illness or health problem can be challenging. But for most people who have health issues, exercising can improve their prognosis and well-being. In fact, exercise can play an important role in helping you cope with or recover from a health challenge or accident.

      • Tai Chi: Exercise for Mind and Body

        Tai chi is called a mind-body type of exercise because it combines meditation, focused breathing, and physical movement. Because it’s also a low-impact exercise, it may be particularly well suited for older adults, but it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages.

      • Using Dumbbells for a Fast and Effective Workout

        Dumbbells, one of the most underrated and versatile types of exercise equipment, can help you build strength and muscular endurance.

      • Yoga for Your Mind and Body

        Yoga can help you beat stress, feel more in control of your life, and stay healthier.

      • You Can Be Your Own Fitness Coach

        If you don’t have the time or money to meet with a trainer, just hire yourself to get the job done.