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Elevating the standard of patient-centered stroke care

Novant Health Rowan Medical Center is a designated primary stroke center, a distinction awarded to medical centers that demonstrate quality excellence in healthcare and meet strict national standards set by The Joint Commission and the American Stroke Association.

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Emergency treatment for stroke

Call 911 at the first sign of a stroke.
F-A-S-T is an easy way to remember three warning signs of a stroke and what to do:
  • F – Facial paralysis
  • A – Arm weakness
  • S – Speech difficulties
  • T – “Time to call 911”

Do not ignore these warning signs, even if they go away.
Stroke is a serious medical emergency, and the quicker you receive treatment, the better your chance of surviving with minimal disability. Our board-certified emergency-medicine physicians and specially trained nurses and technologists are here to help.

Similar symptoms may indicate other medical problems, including a transient ischemic attack, (TIA). These “mini-strokes” are also very serious. Call 911 for help.

Our experts at Rowan Medical Center give you a TIA evaluation to determine your risk level for future strokes. We can lower your risk by prescribing medications to help keep blood clots from forming. We also treat existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart or blood pressure problems, high cholesterol and other conditions that increase stroke risk.


If stroke or another neurological condition leaves you or a loved one with physical, speech or cognition deficits, our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team can help. The Novant Health Elizabeth C. Stanback Rehabilitation Center provides specialized care to patients at Rowan Medical Center.

Quality outcomes

If you’re faced with a stroke or other neurological emergency or disorder, you want to know that you have the highest quality care on your side.The National Committee for Quality Assurance and the American Heart/Stroke Association have recognized several Novant Health Rowan Medical Center physicians for their remarkable heart and stroke care.