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Fitness classes

Fitness classes develop, strengthen and tone your body and your health

We offer a variety of fitness classes to develop, strengthen, and tone your body while improving your overall health. From weight training to yoga and Pilates, our fitness center provides enjoyable, rewarding workout routines that can help you live a healthy and more active lifestyle.

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Our fitness center offers the following fitness classes:

AM Challenge – a 30-minute muscle conditioning class using weights, bars, floor exercise, and resistance bands.

HABIT – using a variety of fitness equipment, this 60-minute class focuses on hard-to-reach areas such as hips, arms and thighs!

Step Circuit – a 60-minute class that includes step combos, high-intensity intervals, and strength training. Step Circuit will leave you feeling energized and excited about fitness.

Zumba – ditch the workout and join the party with Zumba, a fun, energetic class that combines Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to tone and sculpt your body.

Pilates Express – a 30-minute class that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement.

Smart Moves – a 60-minute class that combines low intensity moves and balance exercises with muscle conditioning. This class is specifically designed for seniors and beginners.

Gentle Yoga – learn basic yoga while improving flexibility. This 75-minute class is perfect for beginners or for individuals with physical limitations.

Multilevel Yoga – appropriate for all levels of fitness, Multilevel Yoga is ideal for those who want to progress at their own pace and expand their range of yoga poses. Class includes poses, breathing and meditation. The fitness center offers classes ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.

Yoga Flow – a challenging but relaxing class, Yoga Flow combines graceful movements with isometric exercises to gain full body strength and flexibility.

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