Presbyterian Medical Center

Spiritual care

The ministry of counseling and caring

Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center provides spiritual care and compassion during your time of need through our spiritual care services.  Spiritual care is the ministry of care and counseling provided by pastors, chaplains and other religious leaders. We support all belief systems and can provide multi-faith support and guidance to you and your family during your time of need. 

For more information on the spiritual care services offered at Presbyterian Medical Center, please call


Hospitalization can be an emotional experience and it is normal for you to have feelings of anxiety, frustration and even loneliness. When you are going through this difficult time, we understand the importance of meeting all of your needs, including those that are spiritual. Our chaplains and faith-leaders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can help you:

  • Share and sort through confused emotions
  • Receive prayer support and nonjudgmental guidance
  • Receive individual and group prayer
  • Perform rituals like baptism, communion, etc
  • Provide communication to your local faith leader
  • Provide weekly worship service if you are confined to the hospital
  • Cope with conversation regarding end-of-life concerns

Chaplaincy services and our hospital’s chapel are located on the first floor of our hospital. Unit nurses can contact chaplains for you to schedule a visit.

Faith community nursing

Faith community nurses understand the relation between faith and health. To improve the quality of life for communities in Charlotte, Presbyterian Medical Center parish nurses help faith communities establish the church as a sanctuary for health and reliable healthcare information.

Our faith community nurses are registered nurses (RN) that serve our community in the following ways:

  • Health educator promoting wellness through programs and screenings
  • Health counselor helping people take responsibility for their own health and wellness
  • Health referral agent connecting people with community resources
  • Health advocate for access to care, education and resources
Health ministry and congregational health promoter programs

Our health ministry program helps faith-leaders educate and motivate the church in health and wellness and to improve access to health resources. Through our efforts, we are able to promote holistic health to parishioners.

The congregational health promoter training program helps volunteers with health promotion and disease prevention. Participants learn how to start a health ministry, survey a congregation, develop a health committee, plan wellness programs and provide necessary resources.

Learn more about congregational health promoter programs.

Information for clergy and congregations

Clergy and congregations are vital parts to the healing process. If you are a member of the faith community or clergy, this information will help during your visit.

How do I find a patient?

To ensure the security of our patients, you will only be able to obtain this information at the information desk inside our main lobby. We will provide you with a room number and a map. Additional help can be provided by our chaplaincy services, which can be reached during normal business hours at 704-384-4168. If it is after hours, please call our hospital's main line at 704-384-4000.

For more information on the spiritual care services offered at Presbyterian Medical Center, please call 704-384-4168.