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Prevention and early detection

Presbyterian Medical Center Services Cancer Prevention and early detection

Early detection aids recovery

While cancer may not be preventable, healthy lifestyle choices can reduce your risk of developing the disease, and regular screening exams can improve the chances of detecting it early when it is most treatable.

To learn more about cancer prevention and early detection or to schedule a program in your community, call Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center:


Presbyterian Medical Center offers a wide range of services that can help keep you cancer free or detect cancer in the early stages. Cancer screenings are based on age, gender and disease risk. Risk assessment and reduction services are available in addition to diagnostic evaluation services. 

Some of the prevention and early detection services we offer include: 

  • Smoking cessation - A program designed to help eliminate tobacco use from your life, which can dramatically reduce your chance of developing cancer.  Schedule a consult: 704-384-5043.
  • Nutrition education for cancer prevention - Get tips on how to follow a healthy diet that is low in fat, high in fiber and filled with fruits and vegetables. Schedule an appointment: 704-384-6953.
  • Skin cancer screenings - Find a Novant Health dermatologist close to you.
  • Digital and 3-D mammography - Regular mammograms can help detect cancer early and at its most treatable stage.  Schedule a mammogram at one of nine Novant Health Breast Center locations near you by calling 704-384-7226.
  • Referrals for prostate and colon cancer screenings - If you are of the age to begin screening (age 50 for normal risk; sooner with family history) or if you exhibit any unusual symptoms, talk to your primary care doctor today. Need a physician? Find a physician close to you.
Specialized programs

We also offer specialized programs for those who have an increased risk to develop cancer or suffer from side effects of treatment.

  • Genetic counseling: our certified genetic counselor can help those concerned about their personal and/or family history of cancer understand their risk and determine if genetic testing is appropriate: 704-384-5221.
  • Risk counseling: a comprehensive clinic designed for individuals at elevated risk to develop breast, ovarian, colorectal or skin cancer due to genetics or family history, this program incorporates screening and lifestyle recommendations: 704-384-5373.
  • Lung Nodule Evaluation Program: a collaborative program designed to monitor individuals with lung nodules to ensure early intervention if any changes are noticed: 704-384-9956.
  • Cardio-oncology program: a collaborative program designed for breast, prostate and blood cancer survivors at high risk to develop heart disease due to the type of cancer treatment they received: 704-347-2067.