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Need a second opinion?

Learning what your options
are for your cancer treatment

Being diagnosed with cancer can be frightening. You may feel overwhelmed by the news and lost as to how to begin your journey. One question to ask is, “Should I get a second opinion?”

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First, you should know that it is common for patients to go to another doctor or cancer clinic to have their diagnosis and treatment recommendations reviewed. In fact, some insurance companies require one before you start treatment. Everyone certainly has the right to a second opinion and caregivers should respect your choice to get one.

Hundreds who opted to pursue a second opinion have traveled to our Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina. Why? What you’ll find at Novant Health’s cancer clinic is special. We bring all the specialists to you. Our unrivaled program invites you and your family to meet with our team of experts in one place at one time, and you will leave with a treatment plan tailored to your cancer.

As hard as it is to face a cancer diagnosis, the cancer clinic makes it as easy as possible to get the answers you need to help you make one of the most important decisions in your life. Let Novant Health’s team of cancer doctors help you figure out what your best cancer treatment options are. The more you know, then the more you will feel in control.

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