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Presbyterian Medical Center

Mission, goals and student learning outcomes


The Presbyterian Medical Center Radiologic Technology Program serves the community by offering a comprehensive educational program to prepare our graduates to provide high quality radiographic imaging to patients in hospitals, physician offices, and medical facilities.


The Presbyterian Medical Center Radiologic Technology Program is committed to ensure graduates possess the following values:

  • Competence in the performance of radiographic procedures and the delivery of healthcare;
  • Knowledge in the principles and practice of radiologic technology;
  • Compassion in the delivery of health care;
  • Professionalism in actions and communications; and
  • Commitment to professional development.

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The Presbyterian Medical Center Radiologic Technology Program will assist the student in attaining the following goals through success in the related student learning outcomes:

Graduates will demonstrate a professional attitude.

  • Present self in professional manner
  • Apply the principles of medical & legal ethics

Graduates will perform as entry-level competent radiographers.

  • Practice radiation protection
  • Determine exposure factors
  • Properly position patients for procedures
  • Evaluate image quality
  • Provide a safe environment for the patient
  • Demonstrate concern for the welfare of the patient

Graduates will use critical-thinking skills.

  • Adjust positioning according to non-routine patient condition
  • Adjust technical factors according to non-routine patient condition
  • Solve critical thinking case studies
  • Assess & interpret age-specific data

Graduates will communicate effectively in the healthcare environment.

  • Adjust communication for diverse population
  • Work effectively with others as a team
  • Prepare & present educational lecture