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Educational bulletin boards

Presbyterian Healthcare educational bulletin boards are available monthly at no cost to you. Bulletin boards will cover a vast number of health related topics to help educate the community.

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Presbyterian offers the bulletin boards to our employees and community partners to help educate them on a variety of health-related topics. Information on diseases, support groups, diet and nutrition are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

The information on the boards will be current and will be changed to a new topic on a monthly basis. This free service is another way Presbyterian invests in the health of our corporate and community partners. These bulletin boards are available in both English and Spanish. You may also choose from our archived copies.

What is included in your bulletin board kit:

These are made available as PDFs and will be best conveyed if printed in color. The boards will consist of 14 pages. The first 12 pages will be your monthly bulletin board. The next page will be a "take-away" sheet that will have information on the topic of the month. You can make as many extra copies of the take-away as you feel your group will need. The last page within the file provides a bulletin board display layout.

Educational Library:

Current Topic

May 2014 - Osteoporosis: The Silent Disease (English)

Previous Topics

April 2014 - Nutrition Management for Diabetes (English); Impact of Family Violence on Young Children (English)
March 2014 - Stroke Smart (English)
February 2014 - Volunteering with Novant Health Hospice & Palliative Care (English)(Spanish)
January 2014 - Stress Management (English)(Spanish)
December 2013 - Healthy Holiday Eating (English)(Spanish)
November 2013 - Handling Grief During the Holidays (English)(Spanish)
October 2013 - Childhood Vaccines (English)(Spanish); Breast Cancer (English)(Spanish); 3D Mammography Takeaway Sheet (English)(Spanish); Women's Imaging Takeaway Sheet (English)
September 2013 - Bike Safety Helmets 101 (English)(Spanish)
August 2013 - Polypharmacy (English)(Spanish)
July 2013 - Sun Safety Awareness (English); Cancer Risk Clinic Takeaway Sheet (English)
June 2013 - COPD (English) (Spanish)
May 2013 - Stroke (English) (Spanish)
April 2013 - Autism Awareness Month (English) (Spanish); Kim's Story: Fighting the Way on Autism Takeaway Sheet (English) (Spanish)
March 2013 - Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (English) (Spanish)
February 2013 - February is Heart Month (English) (Spanish)
January 2013 - 5 Steps to Achieve Integral Health (English) (Spanish)