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Amalga resources

Amalga presents data from Invision, Cerner, WindoPath (Psyche Systems), Novius, PACS Radiology Information System, T-system, Dictaphone, and Siemens Pharmacy for each patient visit loaded in the Amalga database.

Rowan RITE Training for Physicians and Physician Extenders

IMPORTANT: The presentations should open in "Show Mode", however, if they do not: Click "Slide Show" from the Powerpoint toolbar and select "View Show". You will not see the entire education presentation unless you view in Show Mode. Be aware there is some animation in several slides. Once the animation ends, you will need to use your arrow keys to advance the slide show to the next slide. You may also go backwards if you would like to see something again, by using the back arrow.

The presentations may take several minutes to open. Please wait a few moments while it downloads.

The following resources are not intended to be used as an alternative to the Rowan RITE Training.

Additional Amalga Self-Guided Resources:
Printable Amalga Resources:
Highlights of using Amalga:
  • During Net Access downtime, Pharmacy/MAC information along with lab and microbiology, radiology, and transcription results can still be received and viewed in Amalga along with information entered in Net Access prior to the downtime
  • Patient information for January 2010 visits forward at Novant facilities using Amalga is available to peruse in Amalga
  • Rowan historical patient data from prior systems will be made available in Amalga
  • Personal view preferences can be set for a user's MAR view and patient list
  • Insulin sliding scale number and the scale itself is always shown with the drug ordered in the MAR view
  • Lab results are easy to trend and the user can easily graph even multiple labs together on a single chart
  • Care provider information is readily available from previous visits at any Novant facility also using Amalga helping the user discover and contact a previous provider quickly when needed
  • Navigation of patient data in Amalga is intuitive and easy to learn
  • Prints the selected progress notes pre-populated with last labs since midnight, date/time, and patient information to support patient safety and save time
Have more questions about Amalga?

Please call the Support Center at 704-384-3100.