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Amalga Unified Information System offers an alternative patient information view to Net Access. Amalga is being configured for Novant Health in a joint venture with Microsoft.

Amalga presents data from Invision, Cerner, WindoPath (Psyche Systems), Novius, PACS Radiology Information System, T-system, Dictaphone, and Siemens Pharmacy for each patient visit loaded in the Amalga database.

Highlights of using Amalga:
  • During Net Access downtime, Pharmacy/MAC information along with lab and microbiology, radiology, and transcription results can still be received and viewed in Amalga along with information entered in Net Access prior to the downtime
  • Patient information for January 2010 visits forward at Novant facilities using Amalga is available to peruse in Amalga
  • Personal view preferences can be set for a user's MAR view and patient list
  • Insulin sliding scale number and the scale itself is always shown with the drug ordered in the MAR view
  • Lab results are easy to trend and the user can easily graph even multiple labs together on a single chart
  • Care provider information is readily available from previous visits at any Novant facility also using Amalga helping the user discover and contact a previous provider quickly when needed
  • Navigation of patient data in Amalga is intuitive and easy to learn
  • Prints the selected progress notes pre-populated with last labs since midnight, date/time, and patient information to support patient safety and save time
Amalga Self-Guided Assistance Resources:
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