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Novant Health Women's Center - SouthPark

Our new women’s center at Novant Health SouthPark Medical Plaza is specifically designed to provide unrivaled care for every woman’s unique health needs. With experts from all facets of women’s healthcare all conveniently located in one place, we’re proud to offer care that always has you in mind.

Woman sitting in chair breastfeeding newborn baby

Novant Health Breastfeeding

Certified lactation consultants can now provide new moms with help and answers to your questions about breastfeeding, without an appointment.

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Novant Health Gynecologic Surgery & Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain management, minimally invasive surgery and nonsurgical treatments are helping women live their fullest lives.

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Woman sitting at desk holding head from headache

Novant Health Neurology & Headache

Neurological care that is tailored to conditions women may experience during pregnancy and lactation.

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Little boy looking at pregnant mom's belly with father holding him

Novant Health Providence OB/GYN

Obstetrics and gynecology is the first line of defense in keeping women healthy in every stage of life.

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Woman talking to psychiatrist

Novant Health Psychiatry

Advanced treatments and tailored care plans help treat the emotional and mental health of women.

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Woman receiving breathing treatment

Novant Health Pulmonary & Critical Care

Respiratory health providers bring specialized care for the full spectrum of pulmonary diseases and disorders affecting women.

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Woman being examined by female health provider

Novant Health Women's Heart & Vascular Center

We are advancing the early detection and treatment of heart disease in women through all stages of life.

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Husband kissing wife on the cheek

Novant Health Women's Sexual Health & Wellness

Women experiencing sexual health concerns or menopause will have access to expert and compassionate care.

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Convenient care for those you care for.

Novant Health SouthPark Medical Plaza

Novant Health is committed to providing care options that are convenient for the whole family. The specially dedicated women's center is on the fourth floor of the Novant Health SouthPark Medical Plaza, where we have many more clinics and physicians ready to provide remarkable care for everyone you care about, from young children to aging senior parents.

Transforming healthcare

Learn how Novant Health is changing the health of our communities, one person at a time.

Novant Health, transforming healthcare
Vision 2020 a new lens for a healthier future
Vision 2020

What if a few small changes in your daily routine could add years to your life? Would you make them?

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Protect yourself and others from coronavirus
What you need to know about the coronavirus

Novant Health is prepared to care for you. Discover how you can protect yourself from the spread of germs and learn more about how we're protecting our communities.

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Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

Novant Health is committed to using leading-edge technology to connect with our patients, team members and the communities we serve.

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Hands holding heart
Do you know your heart age?

According to CDC reports, 75 percent of U.S. adults have a “heart age” that is older than their actual age, meaning they’re at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

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More than just a job...

At Novant Health, we pride ourselves on providing a remarkable experience for every patient— and every team member.

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Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital

Novant Health is home to the Charlotte region's only E.R. specializing in pediatric emergency medicine and dozens of board-certified pediatric specialists.

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