Symptom Checker

Find the right care in under 5 minutes

Not feeling well and unsure what to do? Let our 24/7 symptom checker be your guide and direct you to the right care for your symptoms. Save time and money by choosing the most clinically appropriate care. From self-care advice to an ER visit, have confidence you’re taking the best next step for care.

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How the symptom checker works

  • Complete a 2-4 minute survey about your symptoms and what you’re experiencing.
  • Get clarity on the type of care you need. Self-care vs. Doctor visit vs. Urgent Care.
  • Receive personalized care options based on your symptoms created by board-certified physicians.
  • Quick and easy access to schedule the right type of care appointment.

Not sure where to go for care?

Describe your symptoms and let our 24/7 smart care routing guide you.

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