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Providing comprehensive stroke care across the continuum

We are certified a primary stroke center by The Joint Commission, the country’s leading accrediting organization for improving healthcare, for our innovative procedures, advanced technology and adherence to rigid treatment protocols.

Call 911 at the first sign of a stroke.

Emergency treatment for stroke

The FAST acronym is an easy way to remember symptoms and warning signs of a stroke and what to do:

  • F – Facial paralysis
  • A – Arm weakness
  • S – Speech difficulties
  • T – Time to call 911

Do not ignore these warning signs, even if they go away. Stroke is a serious medical emergency, and the quicker you receive treatment, the better your chances are for surviving the stoke with minimal disability.

Similar symptoms may indicate other medical problems, including a transient ischemic attack or (TIA). These “mini-strokes” are also very serious. Call 911 for help.