What is Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery techniques are those that aim to limit the size of the incision, and also limit the amount of soft tissue dissection required to fix the underlying problem. This may have the benefit of faster healing, less pain, and smaller surgical scars.

How is Minimally Invasive Surgery performed?

Often simple modifications or refinements to older surgical techniques allow for smaller incisions and less soft tissue dissection. For treatment of some fractures, advanced imaging technologies like fluoroscopy can help guide pins through the skin and into the broken bone without even requiring an incision. Arthroscopic techniques employ a tiny camera to assist certain wrist procedures through very small incision. Similar technology can be used for carpal tunnel release, although there are some trade-offs to discuss with this technique when comparing to other minimally invasive carpal tunnel release techniques.

Is Minimally Invasive Surgery right for me?

We always employ minimally invasive surgical techniques when they are appropriate for your problem. It is important to understand however, that certain techniques you may see advertised online, may not be the best option for you, and our surgeons are here to help you choose a surgical plan that is customized to your needs and preferences.  

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