We bring advanced care for high-risk pregnancies to your neighborhood

When you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, your health and the health of your future child becomes your focus. The prenatal care providers at East Cooper Maternal Fetal Medicine - Georgetown have always been focused on the health of pregnant women and unborn children. Our clinic has the tools necessary to understand how chronic conditions or those arising during pregnancy could impact you and your unborn child. We inform you of risks and help you make care decisions.

We see patients with chronic conditions including diabetes or heart disease to help them plan as healthy a pregnancy as possible. We also see currently pregnant patients with high risk conditions such as preeclampsia or placenta previa. If you have concerns about how your family health history could affect your unborn child, we also offer genetic counseling.

Our clinic is on North Fraser Street in the same building as Cora Physical Therapy. The building looks residential, but when you enter you will see our front desk to your right. We are convenient to Georgetown, Graves, Spring Gully and North Santee.