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Kernersville Medical Center Patients & visitors

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Whether you are seeing a loved one or staying at our facility, the staff at Novant Health Kernersville Medical Center is here to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible. It is our goal to provide the best care available and give you the information and resources you need to make your visit convenient and stress-free. In this section you’ll find information and directions to our facility as well as helpful information about billing and insurance.

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Looking out for your safety

At Kernersville Medical Center, we use the RightPatient™ biometric patient identification system to verify and protect patient identity and enhance patient safety. We use a digital camera to take a photo of you and your iris (colored part of your eye).

When you arrive at the hospital, we will take your photo during registration. Then we will match it with your medical record and store it to easily identify you when you return for future visits. Your personal data is safely stored and not shared without your consent. The camera is just like a normal digital camera and doesn't use a laser, so it is not harmful. Since you do not have direct contact with the device, you also are protected from germs and bacteria. Participation is voluntary.

Tobacco-free campus

Kernersville Medical Center is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited anywhere campus, including sidewalks, parking structures, inside vehicles parked or driving through campus. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure healthy environment for our patients, visitors and employees.

Paying your bill

Managing your bills after receiving care can be overwhelming. It isn’t uncommon to have several different people participate in your care. Afterwards, you may receive separate invoices from each of those doctors.

We understand the added stress this can place on you and are here to help. We offer patient financial services to help you understand your bill and make the payment process easier.

For more information about paying your bill, call our billing center Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. toll-free at 1-888-844-0080. You can also make payments online.

For more information about our patient and visitor services, call 336-564-4000.