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      • Depression

        Depression involves the body, mood, and thoughts, and affects the way a person eats and sleeps, feels about himself or herself, and thinks about things.

      • Managing Stress

        A nutritious, well-balanced diet and exercise can keep your body fit and able to resist disease, and exercise is an excellent way to elevate your mood.

      • Managing Work-Related Stress

        It’s not the job that creates stress, it’s the way a person responds to the urgencies and demands of each workplace environment that makes them stressed or energized.

      • Mental Health: Finding the Help You Need

        When your life seems to be spinning out of control, it's OK to seek professional mental health help.

      • When Sadness Is Seasonal

        If you feel depressed during fall and winter months, you may have a form of depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

      • Where to Turn for Mental Health

        It's normal to feel stressed or anxious now and then. But it's time to call for help if emotional issues interfere with your life, your job or your personal relationships.

      • Women and Depression: Understanding the Gender Gap

        A woman’s unique biological, social, and cultural factors may increase her risk for depression.

      • Working Mom? Aim for Less Stress

        In the United States, 78 percent of all mothers with kids ages 6 to 17 work in paid jobs. Most—including married working moms—also are responsible for child care and housework.