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Having head pain can be scary. At Novant Health, our neurosurgeons are integral members in our comprehensive stroke and neurosciences teams, which also include neurologists, neuro-oncologists, interventional neuroradiologists and specialized nurses.

Our neurosurgeons are specially skilled in procedures involving the brain such as arteriovenous malformation, brain aneurysms, and brain tumors. For each of these conditions, surgery is one of several treatment options.

Arteriovenous malformation - Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are defects in your vascular system that create a tangle of arteries and veins. AVMs can happen anywhere in your body but they are more common in the brain or spinal cord. If you have a brain AVM, you may have few, if any, major symptoms or you may have headaches or even seizures.

Brain aneurysm - If you suffer sudden severe headache, blurred vision, confusion or loss of consciousness, you could have a brain aneurysm, a bulging or ballooning of a blood vessel in the brain. If an aneurysm bursts, you could suffer a hemorrhagic stroke, which could be disabling or fatal. Novant Health neurosurgeons have several options to help prevent an aneurysm from reaching a critical stage.
Brain tumor - Brain tumor occurs when a mass of abnormal cells forms in the brain. The tumor may be cancerous but even if it’s not, it can do harm by putting pressure on the brain or blood vessels in the brain. With the benefit of diagnostic imaging and other tests, your Novant Health oncologist will consult with our neurosurgeons and other specialists to recommend treatment options.