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Stomach pains can be serious, but they can be fixed

Removal of part or all of the stomach, called gastrectomy, is sometimes necessary to treat stomach cancer, benign growths, ulcers or holes in the stomach wall. The expert general surgeons of Novant Health will discuss the best type of surgery for you. The surgery can sometimes be done laparoscopically, which means the procedure is done in a way that is minimally invasive.

Other stomach procedures include:

Vagotomy - This surgical procedure is performed to treat ulcers and consists of cutting one or more of the nerves to the stomach. It is usually combined with some type of drainage procedure so that the stomach will empty well after the nerves to it are divided.

Pyloroplasty - This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a vagotomy and is done to open the pylorus (the muscle valve between the stomach and the duodenum) and allow the stomach contents to empty better.

Gastrojejunostomy - This procedure is another method to help the stomach empty. A new connection between the stomach and small bowel is made. This may be done in combination with a vagotomy and a partial gastrectomy.

Antrectomy - This surgical procedure, performed to cure ulcer disease, is the removal of the lower third of the stomach, which is associated with the production of stomach acid. It is usually combined with a vagotomy.