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Adrenal glands

We can help correct hormonal imbalance caused by adrenal gland disorders

Located on top of your kidneys, your adrenal glands produce essential hormones. But sometimes, adrenal disorders can cause your glands to produce either too much or not enough hormones.

If medications or hormone therapy can’t correct this imbalance, your Novant Health physician may recommend surgery to remove a tumor or part, or all, of an adrenal gland. Our surgeons will suggest the best approach for your individual condition. We may be able to use minimally invasive laparoscopy, which involves making only tiny incisions, resulting in faster recovery with smaller scars and less risk of hernias or nerve damage.
Other adrenal problems are caused by issues with the pituitary glands, which produce hormones that control the adrenal glands. Minimally invasive surgery can be performed through the nose to remove tumors in the pituitary gland.

Your adrenal and pituitary glands produce hormones that are important to your good health. If there is a problem, the experts of Novant Health can make a thorough evaluation and recommend the best course of treatment.