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Because your eyesight is as precious to us as it is to you

If your eyes have been injured or your vision affected by age, disease or deformity, your doctor may recommend surgery to improve your eyesight.

At Novant Health, we can help. Our ophthalmologists are highly skilled and trained in many advanced sight restoration surgeries.

Leading-edge cataract removal - In addition to traditional cataract procedures, which use either surgical tools or sound waves to gently break the cataract into small pieces for easy removal, we also offer state-of-the-art LenSx® femtosecond laser cataract surgery. This revolutionary bladeless surgery provides a more precise option for cataract removal and is the first laser surgery of its kind to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for cataract removal in the United States.

Using advanced computer technology, we first map your eye with remarkable detail. Then, your surgeon uses this map to create a customized surgical plan specifically for you.

During surgery, each incision is precisely defined, and the size, shape and location of each incision are tailored to fit the unique structure of your eye. This level of precision helps ensure all incisions seal properly without stitches, reducing the risk of infection.

Although cataract surgery is typically paid for by Medicare and many insurance companies, the advanced nature of LenSx laser surgery may require an out-of-pocket fee. We will provide you with specific information about the cost of the procedure and financing options during your consultation, but please contact your individual insurance carrier prior to surgery to confirm your specific eligibility and coverage benefits.

Coordinated care to meet your ophthalmology needs

Novant Health ophthalmologists also have comprehensive expertise in:

  • Intraocular lens replacement surgery, including multifocal and toric implants.

  • Glaucoma surgery
    , including the latest techniques for reducing pressure inside the eye that can damage the optic nerve.

  • Pediatric eye surgery, including strabismus surgery
    (to correct misalignment of the eyes); opening of blocked tear ducts; and pediatric cataract, glaucoma and eyelid deformity treatments.

  • Corneal surgery, including partial and full thickness transplants, and removal of the pterygium, a membrane that can obstruct the cornea and irritate the eyelid.

  • Vitreo-retinal surgery, including retinal detachment repair, diabetic retinopathy treatment and macular conditions.

  • Adult strabismus surgery to correct misalignment of the eyes.

  • Eye-related plastic surgery, such as cosmetic and functional blepharoplasty to correct problems with the eyelid, reconstructive eyelid surgery
    and tear duct surgery.

Novant Health ophthalmologists can discuss all options with you, both surgical and nonsurgical, to ensure that you receive the best eye care possible.

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