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Spiritual guidance for patients
and families

Facing a challenging or life-threatening medical diagnosis or treatment can lead you to deep spiritual exploration or desire for spiritual support. If you or a loved one faces such circumstances, you may find comfort in speaking with a Novant Health chaplain.

Chaplains serve as a resource to ensure that the spiritual needs of patients, their families and loved ones are addressed during their hospital visit, particularly during critical times of need. A chaplain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide spiritual guidance, prayer, emotional support and comfort.

Chaplains can help you share, and sort through, confused emotions and fears or help you cope with conversations regarding end-of-life concerns. Chaplains can also help by:

  • Providing prayer support and nonjudgmental guidance
  • Providing individual and group prayer
  • Performing rituals like baptism, communion, etc.
  • Providing communication to your local faith leader
  • Providing weekly worship service for patients confined to the hospital

Contacting a chaplain - A unit nurse can contact a chaplain for you to schedule a visit or you may contact the chaplaincy services at the Novant Health hospital closest to you.

If you have additional questions about our chaplaincy services, please contact the Novant Health facility nearest you.