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High school and youth

Novant Health Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS high school and youth performance training programs, for individuals and teams, brings the same methodology and intensity used by EXOS with professional athletes to support and prepare high school and youth athletes. Learn more about our high school and youth programs.

College training

Collegiate programs offer support from performance specialists to help college athletes maximize their physical performance when they return to campus and compete for their school. Learn more about our college athlete training programs.

Pro/Elite Athlete training

Programs for professional and elite athletes offer world-class support from specialists focused on helping athletes optimize performance in their sport. These programs focus on building strength, power, speed, quickness, and endurance specific to each sport and athlete, while creating greater mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential. Learn more about our Pro/Elite training programs.

Adult training

Adult training programs at Novant Health Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS leverages the same methodology used to train elite athletes, but applied to your specific needs and goals to help you revolutionize your life and transform how you perform, look, and feel each day. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, run your first 5k, lose ten pounds, eliminate aches and pains, or just feel stronger, we can help you reach your goals with our group training and semi-personal training options. Learn more about our adult training programs.