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Let Novant Health Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS help you achieve your goals.

Novant Health presents: Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS to Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Bringing EXOS to the community provides an opportunity for youth, high school, collegiate athletes and fitness-focused adults to train at the highest level with EXOS specialists. With the support of sports medicine professionals at Novant Health, you can trust our team to help you reach your sports and fitness goals safely and effectively.

 Adult training

Group Training Classes

If you like high-energy workouts, you’ll love these dynamic, 60-minute classes. Our coaches incorporate mobility work, movement-based strength training, interval-based cardio, and more. Nutrition coaching is also included.

Semi-Private Training

Looking for programming that’s more personal than group classes but not quite as intimate as private sessions? Try personal training in a small group setting. It provides high accountability, and you’ll receive individualized programming and nutrition coaching. You’ll also have unlimited access to our group training classes.

Personalized Experience

Great for people who don’t live near an EXOS facility, this multiday, on-site experience includes one-on-one training sessions, a personalized nutrition plan, pre- and post-workout supplements, and a soft-tissue massage. As our most extensive offering, it’s only available at select locations.

 Youth & high school performance training

Youth and High School athletes work in small groups with a performance specialists to increase their knowledge and understanding of athletic movement patterns and proper training techniques. Our programming creates a foundation of knowledge to increase overall coordination and athleticism while teaching appropriate health and nutrition to bolster the success of the athlete. Classes are fun, positive, engaging and safe environments for kids to explore their athletic potential.

 Online personal training & online nutritional coaching

Sign up today for Online Personal Training or Online Nutrition Coaching

Online Personal Training

Prefer your home gym? Then remove the guesswork from your workout with our online personal training membership. Our performance specialist will build a customized workout plan that works for you - no matter your schedule, gym equipment availability, or fitness level.
What you get:

  • Custom Workout plan: Based off your gym and goals
  • Custom workout plan based on your goals and gym
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins
  • Unlimited Email Access: Ask a question any time or send a video to check your form
  • New plan every 4 weeks: Keep your body and mind stimulated with new plans
  • Purchase a 1-month or 3-month plan

Online Nutrition Coaching

Online/remote nutrition coaching is our solution for adults who want the guidance and coaching of an EXOS Performance Dietitian even if they aren’t a member of our in-person fitness programs.
What you get:

  • Meal Builder
  • Personalized Supplementation Plan
  • 30-min Q&A consult (phone or video chat)
  • EXOS Nutrition Kickstarter Ebook (tips & tricks for dieting success)
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • 8-weeks of unlimited email support

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