Reduce injuries for athletes through performance tests

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More athletes are starting their training early these days – sometimes even in elementary school. With each year of completion comes a greater risk of injury due to early specialization or training too hard on a particular skill.

With proper guidance and training, athletes of all ages can develop good habits and proper techniques to avoid permanent damage to their joints and muscles. To support your physical performance, or to protect your child’s safety and longevity in sports, consider a sports evaluation called Sparta Scan. This tool allows us to test an individual in four areas of performance:

  • Upper body stability
  • Lower body balance
  • Lower body landing
  • Vertical jump
Sparta Science

Members of Novant Health’s training team will review your scan data to identify performance imbalances, weaknesses, and risks for sports-specific injury. Our team also will review the results with you and your child, if your child had the scan.

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Pinpoint imbalances created as a result of training and playing history.

Identify risk of injury with scientific accuracy.

Optimize workouts to improve balance and reduce risk of future injury.