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At Novant Health Performance Medicine, we see everyone who walks through our doors as an athlete. Whether you’re a new parent, an active retiree or a high school football player, you can take advantage of our team’s knowledge of fitness and wellness to help you reach your goals.

Performance training

We’re proud to offer individualized personal training at all of our locations to adults and high school students. Our coaches have years of experience helping people achieve their fitness goals through customized workout plans. If you’ve struggled to see improvement in the gym or while competing, we can help you identify where you should focus and how you can see better results. Our coaches can also help you reduce your risk of injury, so nothing can stand in the way of your progress.

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Bridge program

This program is designed to help you recover more quickly and confidently after you’ve been injured. A certified athletic trainer will start by evaluating your injury and, with the help of your current healthcare provider, create an exercise routine designed to support your healing process. You can then practice your personalized routine in an individual or group setting until you’ve fully recovered.
Please ask your healthcare provider for a referral to get started.

Other services

Our Charlotte- and Winston-Salem-area team members offer a variety of other services, including:

  • Cupping (myofascial decompression)
  • Graston Technique therapy (instrumented soft tissue mobilization)
  • Corrective exercises and strengthening
  • Hands-on treatment (manual therapy)

You can register for these services in the Charlotte area through our MindBody page. For Winston-Salem appointments, please call us at 336-893-2460.

Novant Health Sports Performance 

Our Charlotte-area Novant Health Sports Performance locations also offer the following programs and services:

This fitness program includes access to hour-long classes with a fast-paced mix of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular (cardio) workouts. Your instructor will offer guidance and encouragement along the way so you never feel left behind. Register here.

Our high school performance programs are designed for small groups of student athletes working toward their own fitness goals. We provide in-depth explanations about the safest ways to build strength and improve performance so you can make sure you’re getting the best results possible. Register here.

Concussion return-to-play protocol

If you’ve been diagnosed with a concussion and need to do a state-mandated return to play protocol, we can help. Our certified athletic trainers can supervise your progress as you steadily increase your activity level. Once you’re ready to play again, your trainer will fill out the required NCHSAA Concussion Return to Play Protocol forms.
You will need a referral from your provider to begin this program.

Recovery boots

After a hard workout or competition, your legs may feel heavy and tired. These boots are designed to tighten around your legs and massage your muscles to remove chemicals such as lactic acid that can make you feel sore.
Register for your session using our MindBody page.