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Sports medicine to help
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Sports conditioning program - In the Novant Health sports-conditioning program, you’ll learn safe, effective exercises to help you jump higher, throw harder and run faster.

We offer one-hour sessions designed to meet your individual needs. Open to athletes age 12 and older, our conditioning program can help you perform better in sports such as baseball, golf, soccer, tennis and triathlons.

Sessions can include:

  • A sport-specific exercise and fitness regimen to improve your agility, strength and flexibility
  • A full fitness regimen to help you achieve your individual performance goals
  • Personalized nutrition consultation with a licensed dietitian, addressing all stages of training
  • Motivation and improvement tips from a professional sports psychologist

Motion and gait analysis - Whether you are interested in running, throwing or swinging, the state-of-the-art motion- and gait-analysis labs of Novant Health can help you do it more effectively.

A licensed physical therapist uses sophisticated technology to assess your physical alignment, range of motion, gait and body mechanics. The result can be more efficient and effective movement patterns that will elevate your performance.

Our gait analysis can also determine if you’re wearing the correct shoes for your sport and whether special orthotics are needed to help you avoid injury.

Our goal is to help you develop the confidence and focus to meet your performance goals. The team at Novant Health will help you identify your challenges – we’ll develop a path to success that may include behavioral, family and individual counseling.

Competitive Edge

During our Competitive Edge sports screening days, sports physicals are free for all middle and high school students at our partner schools. Schools will be assigned to a Novant Health clinic in Huntersville, Waxhaw, Monroe or the Arboretum area of Charlotte. Questions? Email us

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