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Hip and knee

Give joint pain the slip

If an injury or disease in your hip or knee is slowing you down, you need an expert team to help you get moving again.

With extensive experience and advanced training, the hip and knee specialists at Novant Health specialize in dealing with a variety of conditions, including:

Our hip and knee teams will give you a thorough examination and a solid diagnosis, then recommend the best treatment for your individual problem. Minimally invasive procedures performed by Novant Health specialists, such as arthroscopic knee surgery, have brought lasting relief to thousands of patients.

If you’re scheduled for joint replacement surgery, we encourage you to view a recorded webinar about preparing for a total knee replacement here.

PODCAST: Knee ligament repair

If you’re a candidate for total hip or knee replacement, you’ll take comfort in knowing that Novant Health orthopedic teams have an extraordinarily high success rate for joint replacement. For you, this will soon mean renewed mobility and freedom from pain. Also, our board-certified hip specialists are experts in the anterior-approach hip replacement–a less invasive surgery with a quicker recovery time.

If you are relatively young and physically active, your surgeon may recommend a surface replacement, or partial knee replacement using the MAKOplasty® procedure rather than a total joint replacement. Other alternatives to joint replacement include osteotomy to realign the joint and reduce wear and pain.

Throughout your course of treatment, our patient-support staff will work with you to keep you informed. If you need them, our rehabilitation teams will provide physical therapy to help you return to your best possible quality of life.

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