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A high-quality joint replacement procedure can help you feel like yourself again

If you have knee, hip or shoulder pain that is remaining after other treatments, your care team may recommend joint replacement surgery. Whether you are here to explore your options or prepare for an upcoming procedure, we can help you get the information you need.

Center of excellence recognition

A number of Novant Health orthopedic surgeons have met qualifications to become part of a center of excellence. This means these specialists are nationally recognized for performing a large amount of surgeries annually that have high rates of success and low rates of patients who need to be readmitted. By using advanced minimally invasive techniques, we aim to get our patients back to the thing they love quickly, sometimes starting with same-day discharge.

Joint Replacement options

Our specialists regularly perform a range of partial and total joint replacement procedures, including robot-assisted and minimally invasive operations. In addition to our advanced surgical techniques, our teams have a passion for helping patients like you achieve a higher quality of life through less pain and greater mobility in your joints.

Our total joint replacement webinar is meant to answer common questions you might have. If you want more detailed answers, please contact your orthopedic provider or a Novant Health orthopedic clinic near you.

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