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Restless legs syndrome

Unusual leg sensations that cause movements

Do you ever experience unusual sensations in your legs, like a creeping, crawling, tingling, pulling, or sometimes painful feelings? These sensations could be restless leg syndrome (RLS) and might happen while you’re relaxed or inactive and may affect one or both legs, or much less commonly, your arms.

People with RLS often describe an irresistible urge to move their legs, which tends to relieve these symptoms. RLS symptoms are typically worse in the evening and night as compared to morning hours. People with RLS may find it difficult to relax or fall asleep due to their symptoms as well as the strong urge to continuously move their legs.

As a result of decreased sleep at night, people with RLS may feel sleepy during the day. The severity of the symptoms can vary from night-to-night or over a long period of time. Some individuals may experience symptoms daily; for others there may be periods when they experience no symptoms at all.