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We provide specialized physicians for all levels of care

A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in the care of patients who have been admitted to the hospital. Once you are admitted, you will be assigned a daytime hospitalist who will be your primary inpatient physician (Attending). Our team works closely with the nursing staff to make sure you receive the best possible care throughout your hospital stay. The hospitalist will communicate with your personal physician or specialists to make sure important medical information is shared.

During your hospital stay we will:

  • Always listen to you carefully and treat you with courtesy and respect. 
  • Visit daily to evaluate you and keep you safe during your stay. 
  • Work with your care team to order tests, medicines and treatments. 
  • Communicate with you, your primary care physician and (with your approval) your family about your condition and plan of care. 
  • Arrange for your discharge and safe transition from the hospital. 
  • Provide going-home instructions about further care, medication and follow-up. 
  • Send a summary of your hospital care back to your primary care provider.