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Find out the answers to basic questions about our services

For many patients, this may be the first time your care has been provided by inpatient care specialists. Novant Health understands the importance of having confidence in your physician and control over who provides your medical care. Below are answers to what you can expect from our hospitalists.

Q: Why does Novant Health use hospitalists?

A: At Novant Health, we value the importance of the physician-patient relationship. We also value your health and strive to deliver the most compassionate, quality care to you. One way to provide this is to have a team of physicians dedicated to our hospital patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These physicians are experts in hospital care and can best manage patients' healthcare needs. With regular communication with your primary care physician, we have created an entire team that uses the skills of all our physicians and staff most effectively, so that the best possible care is provided to you, the patient.

Q: Will you communicate with my primacy care physician?

A: We recognize the importance of regular communication with your primary care physician and make every effort to ensure that your personal physician is involved in your treatment and aware of any developments that may occur during your hospital stay. When you leave the hospital, we will send your doctor a complete summary of your illness and treatment, including test results and any medications (If you do not have a personal physician, we will arrange for a follow-up visit with a local physician). This summary is often in your doctor's office within 24 hours of your discharge from the hospital, ensuring that your doctor will be prepared to provide appropriate follow-up care.

Q: Will I see my primary care physician while I'm in the hospital?

A: Your primary care physician has entrusted your hospital care to the Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialists. This means that a team of physicians experienced in hospital care will provide treatment for you while you're in the hospital, rather than your primary care physician. This system allows primary care physicians to dedicate their time to their patients, making them more accessible to patients who need to be seen in the office.

Q: Once I am in the hospital, what can I expect?

A: You are an important partner in your care. We encourage you to ask your Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialist questions about your hospital care. The more you understand about your illness and treatment, the better you can help prevent complications and future problems. At Novant Health, our single focus is your recovery.

Q: Will I see more than one hospitalist while I'm in the hospital?

A: Because Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialists are available at all times, it is possible that you may be cared for by more than one inpatient doctor during your hospital stay. Please be assured that the incoming Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialist is thoroughly informed about your case to ensure the quality of your care.

Q: Will the use of hospitalists change how I am referred to specialists?

A: No. Specialists will still be consulted and participate in your care if needed.

Q: If I have a question or concern about my hospitalist, what can I do?

A: If you have a concern with your Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialist at any time, simply inform your nurse. The Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialist Medical Director will be contacted to address your concerns in confidence.