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Personalized, life-saving treatments

At Novant Health, our cardiovascular experts know that each patient is unique and provide personalized care if you have been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or HCM. HCM causes your heart muscle to thicken and can create problems with breathing, heart rhythms and can cause heart attack, especially in young athletes.

Your Novant Health provider may recommend one or more of the below treatments, depending on the severity of your condition, to prevent sudden cardiac death and relieve symptoms.  

  • Medications. Medications, such as beta blockers, may be prescribed to control your heart rhythm.
  • Surgical interventions. If medications do not provide relief from your symptoms, your doctor may recommend septal myectomy, an open-heart surgery to remove part of the overgrown, thickened muscle.
  • Catheter-based therapy. Ethanol ablation is a catheter-based procedure where alcohol is injected into the artery supplying blood to the thickened heart muscle to shrink it, causing improved blood flow.
  • ICD/Pacemaker. If your arrhythmias are life-threatening, your Novant Health provider may recommend pacemaker or ICD implantation. Learn more about pacemaker implantation or ICD implantation.

Schedule an appointment with your Novant Health provider to learn more about these treatments.